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  • Nodding syndrome in Uganda is a tauopathy 

    Pollanen, Michael S.; Onzivua, Sylvester; Robertson, Janice; McKeever, Paul M.; Olwa, Francis; Kitara, David L.; Fong, Amanda (Acta neuropathologica, 2018)
    Nodding syndrome is an epidemic neurologic disorder of unknown cause that affects children in the subsistence-farming communities of East Africa. We report the neuropathologic findings in five fatal cases (13–18 years of ...
  • The spectrum of disease and tau pathology of nodding syndrome in Uganda 

    Pollanen, Michael S.; Onzivua, Sylvester; McKeever, Paul M.; Robertson, Janice; Mackenzie, Ian R.; Kovacs, Gabor G.; Olwa, Francis; Kitara, David L.; Fong, Amanda (Brain, 2021)
    Nodding syndrome is an enigmatic recurrent epidemic neurologic disease that affects children in East Africa. The illness begins with vertical nodding of the head and can progress to grand mal seizures and death after ...
  • Plasma levels of DDE/DDT and liver function in malaria control personnel 6 months after indoor residual spraying with DDT in northern Uganda, 2008 

    Bimenya, G S; Harabulema, M; Okot, J P; Olwa, Francis; Lugemwa, Myers; Okwi, A L (South African Medical Journal, 2008)
    Objective. We investigated the relationship between plasma levels of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) and liver function in malaria control personnel 6 months after one round of DDT indoor residual spraying ...
  • Neuroinflammation and Not Tauopathy Is a Predominant Pathological Signature of Nodding Syndrome 

    Hotterbeekx, An; Lammens, Martin; Idro, Richard; Akun, Pamela R.; Lukande, Robert; Akena, Geoffrey; Nath, Avindra; Taylor, Jonee; Olwa, Francis; Kumar-Singh, Samir; Colebunders, Robert (Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology, 2019)
    Nodding syndrome (NS) is an epileptic disorder occurring in chil dren in African onchocerciasis endemic regions. Here, we describe the pathological changes in 9 individuals from northern Uganda who died with NS (n ¼ 5) ...
  • Neuropathological Changes in Nakalanga Syndrome—A Case Report 

    Hotterbeekx, An; Lammens, Martin; Onzivua, Sylvester; Lukande, Robert; Olwa, Francis; Kumar-Singh, Samir; Van Hees, Stijn; Idro, Richard; Colebunders, Robert (Pathogens, 2021)
    Nakalanga syndrome is a clinical manifestation of onchocerciasis-associated epilepsy characterized by stunting, delayed or absent secondary sexual development and skeletal deformities, and is often accompanied by epileptic ...